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About the On Texas Photographic Essay by Byron Rogers

Be sure to click each small image on each Gallery page to see the larger and
complete photograph along with dates, locations and other information.

Light table of transparencies for On Texas™

The above image is a section of the many color transparencies made over the 40 years from 1970 to 2010 in Texas.

On Texas Photographic Essay made over 40 years 1970-2010

Just to be clear all the photographs shown on the website where made in Texas.

I am not sure how many transparencies I looked over but there were several thousand. I looked over the work from 40 years starting in 1970 to 2010. It took about three months to look over all the transparencies in the archive of my life work. To have room to see as many transparencies as possible four professional light tables with 12 feet of viewing space were used.


The images are a selection of landscapes, cityscapes and people all made in Texas.


Byron said, “On Texas™ is a photographic essay on my living and working in the state of Texas most of my life. I have photographed all over Texas including big and little cities, state parks, national parks, on hiking trails, out on the road somewhere and of course here in San Angelo. I have lived in Abilene, Huntsville, Big Spring, Austin, San Angelo and a farm 30 miles north of Abilene. I did not plan to make a book and/or exhibit dealing with Texas but after looking through my archive there it was.

Many of the photographs are of objects or people that do not exist now or have changed dramatically in the years since they were made. This is to be expected after years or decades have passed. I hope you enjoy the several that do offer a look into the past.

Of course many have nothing to do with the past and are timeless. I hope you also enjoy the few that are possible classics.”


This website is the first time for much of this work to be seen by a world wide audience.


There are three Gallery pages with a select 48 images from the total that make up the On Texas Photographic Essay.
Gallery 1  –  Gallery 2  –  Gallery 3


Four professional light tables with 12 feet of viewing space

Four professional light tables with 12 feet of viewing space and a selection of transparencies.


Starting in March 2014 with the assistance of a friend I have access to a high quality system to convert the original film images to digital images. This new pathway will allow fine pigment prints to be made for the first time from much of my work. I will be making prints on select images from the tentative 137 photographs that make up the portfolio for the book On Texas.

I am looking for a publisher for On Texas Photographic Essay. If you are interested please let me know.


Be sure to watch this website as the project continues. You can also subscribe using RSS or your email by filling the form below on the bottom left.


Thanks for looking and enjoy. Be sure to tell your friends as I would love to see them here also.



How On Texas photographic essay came about

Available Books and Price List

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SMELL IT AND TELL IT Byron self portrait 1974 Abilene, Texas

SMELL IT AND TELL IT Byron self portrait 1974 Abilene, Texas.




















The domain name On-Texas.com™ was registered on June 15, 2011.

All photographs and text appearing in the On Texas website are the exclusive property of Byron Rogers and are protected under United States and international copyright laws. The photographs may not be reproduced, copied, stored, manipulated, republished electronically or in print without the written permission of Byron Rogers. No images are within Public Domain. Use of any image as the basis for another photographic concept, illustration or artwork is also a violation of copyright.

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